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Team – Our biggest strength


    Together more than 15 years. This is what we know best. This is what we do best. Every day. Together. This is what gives us pleasure and joy of life in our most happiest moments and this is what gives us additional strength to keep it up during out most difficult moments, to raise our head and continue going on. The team is our biggest strength!




Ivana Orlić, B. A., owner

     Sport running in her blood, passion. Holds bachelor's degree in physical culture, member of the national kayak team for many years, 'contaminated' with cycling in young age and today rides a bike almost every day. Always precise and reliable, rational and moderate, support that everyone can only wish for. In her free time she will gladly take you on a short bike city tour in order to show you its landmarks or drive with you around the vicinity of Petrinja to take you to popular cultural and gastronomic destinations or take you kayaking on Kupa river. Always smiling, she will readily help you.




Milan Orlić - Mitch, B. A. – manager

     Almost like a spirit that does not sleep. With bachelor’s degree in physical culture, he has many years of experience in cycling competitions. He skies, runs, plays basketball, rides a bike and services bikes, simply, a spirit that does not sleep. His motto: "I Can Move, Move, Move Any Mountain!" turned out to be an efficient one in many situations. He will do everything to achieve what he was set out to do and to implement whatever had been agreed. Passion about bikes, technological innovations, improvement of bike riding, security, velocity and pleasure is that which drives him. Every day means new desires, new dreams, new vision, constant change, new possibilities... This is the life, the spirit which does not sleep!




Dalibor Brkić - mechanician


   His love for the sport is turned into a long athletic career in a kayak on calm waters, a love of cycling to life on two wheels. He has participated in many cycling races, marathons and cycling tours around our country, and in many participated as an organizer. Today his cycling and mechanic experience transfers to your bike devoting his attention as if it were his own. A kind of attention what your bike deserves.

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