Shop: What others only dream of you can find in our shop!


    Your eyes are not fooling you, our motto is: we can get you what others only dream of!
    How come? Our long experience in bicycle sales and servicing has resulted in profound identification of our clients' knowledge and needs. You need a small slotted screw with a tiny hole and thread or a 22'' tyre? You phoned over 30 contacts, but to no avail?

    Well, you were looking at a wrong address. In our shop you will be able to find whatever you can think of and which is related to your bicycle including a car roof rack for your two-wheel pet. If you still need something which is extremely rare to find, we will obtain it for you within the shortest possible time.
    Orlić Sport d.o.o. cooperates with the biggest and most renown distributors of bicycles and biking equipment in the Republic of Croatia and offers a wide range of bicycles, biking equipment, clothes and shoes produced by world known manufacturers.

    You would like to get a bicycle of your own choice, of a specific colour, with specific parts, wheels, equipment? We can get you bicycles that are assembled according to your preference. They include Trek Emonda, Trek Madone, Trek Domane, Trek Slique and Trek Speed Concept as well as Trek Superfly FS, Trek Superfly and Trk Fuel EX. Your dreams become reality through „Project One-Custom Made“.
Do not forget our attractive bicycles that you can obtain through Rent-a-Bike!

 After reading all of the above our motto must be definitely clear to you!




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